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Robert Athanas, C.O.O. of SAFE-IR


Bob Athanas is a senior instructor and president of SAFE-IR, Inc. and has served as a consultant to thermal imager and core manufactures as well as end users and research organizations. He has 30 years’ experience as a firefighter, currently serving with the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) and has more than 15 years experience using and teaching thermal imaging worldwide. He is a New York State Certified Instructor, thermal imaging instructor at the FDNY Fire Academy as well as a H.O.T. instructor at the FDIC and Firehouse shows. Bob is a frequent lecturer on thermal imaging and is chairman of the NFPA Electronic Safety Equipment committee responsible for standards on Fire Service Thermal Imagers 1801, PASS 1982 , and other electronic equipment standards.



Bobby Knabbe, VP of SAFE-IR




Bob Knabbe is a 30 veteran of the fire service and holds a Bachelors Degree in Fire and Emergency Services. He has worked for the City of Atlanta GA. Fire Department and is currently a 26-year veteran of the FDNY. Bob is a NYS certified instructor and is an instructor at the FDNY Technical Rescue School. Bob also teaches thermal imaging to the NYS and FDNY First Line Supervisors Training Program. He has instructed internationally as well as the FDIC & Firehouse shows. Teaching thermal imaging to firefighters since 1996 he is a partner in SAFE-IR, Inc. He is an alternate member of the NFPA ESE committee responsible for NFPA 1801 Standard for Fire Service Thermal Imagers.


There is more to thermal imaging than changing the batteries