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SAFE-IR, Inc. has trained dozens of fire departments in the use of thermal imagers. A list of contacts and references can be provided upon request. Here are what our customers have had to say:

When you can't see into a room, you need to be confident in use of your imager.


  • "Finally got to use your knowledge in a fire a few weeks ago when We were first on scene to a working row house fire.  Simply put,It went almost exactly how you taught. Got a chance to read the image as soon as we made entry to the front door, follow the path, find the source and knock it down.... It's been a great experience to put your teachings into use."

  • "This drill brought the Boston Fire Department up to a new level of safety."

  • "This is the real thing - live drill was better than sitting in a classroom."

  • "The instructors were firefighters - very precise and realistic."

  • "This is the best training our department will ever have."

  • "The classroom and hands-on lessons are practical and the instructors were great!"

  • "The trainers were great - they completely kept your attention."

  • "Firefighter instructors - easy to understand."

  • "Easily digestible delivery of technical (important background) knowledge. Good balance of practical and classroom."

  • "Instructors were very professional! A credit to the fire service."

  • "This was one of the best drills I have ever had."

  • In near zero visibility, a thermal imager is invaluable.

      • "This was a very good presentation that was very informative."

      • "Hands on - nothing teaches like hands on!"

      • "Good balance between classroom and hands on in the smoke house."

      • "Instructors could not have made better presentations. It was a pleasure to have been trained by these men. My whole company felt much was learned and we will all benefit from it in the future."

      • "Instructors seem to really understand the benefits of the tool and its limitations."

      • "It's really good having actual end-users teaching the course instead of techs."

      • "These guys know firefighting and how this tool applies to our needs."

      • "It was obvious these guys were real firefighters - not just 'book' guys."

      • "Outstanding! Excellent presentations and adequate time for practical use."

      • "Constant reminder that this is a 'tool' - not the end all and be all for what we do - it has its limits."

      • "All members of companies should have this class."

      • "Very good! Explained lots of idiosyncrasies that need to be explained prior to using an imager."

      • "Good job. Theory can be taught from books. Practical information can be taught by firefighters."

      • "It was important that this class gave us hands-on experience and we learned about the drawbacks as well as the advantages."

      • "Instructors were very knowledgeable and made sure everyone was competent and comfortable with the equipment."

    • "The info passed on was accurate, detailed and safety was the main point passed on as well as not relying solely on the tool."

    • "The presentation was very informative, and the smoke house gave an accurate depiction of what to expect in a smoke-and-fire condition

    • "Class was taught by professionals, was straight to the point and on the level."

    • "It should be mandatory to go through such drills every year!"

    • "The best I have ever experienced. I'd recommend it to all of my brothers."

    • "This program is a lifesaver. One day we will all benefit from this particular training."

    • "Excellent! I thought it was one, if not the best training evolutions I've had since my career began ten years ago. An encore, please!"

    • "The realism of it and the true applications were amazing."

    • "Excellent! We should all have more training like this to simulate the fireground."

    • "I like that firefighters with time on the job in busy companies did the training."

    • "People who have been to fires and used the imager are the ones doing the training."

    • "Best trainer and training I have ever had in the fire service."

    • "The whole department should be trained with this course!"

    • "Instructors are competent and because of their experience made the class more realistic."

    • "All around great class - very informative, well taught and quite practical."

    • "Training was done in an actual, realistic environment."

    • ""Good common sense 'real life' approach by experienced, well-qualified firefighters."

    • "No untrained personnel should use this equipment in a fire."

    • "Instructors are professionals, very competent."

    • "I recommend that no unit is placed in service until all firefighters are trained in this way."

    • "Instructors imparted knowledge and experience in a manner that makes learning enjoyable."

    • "Instructors are realistic - they are actual firefighters in departments that use this."

    • "Very interesting. The hands-on use was great!"

    • "Great presentation, lots of practical knowledge."

    • "Instructors kept it simple."

    • "One of the best drills I have ever had since being on the job."

    • "Training is a must with this type of equipment."

    • "Fellow firefighters taught the course - they know what it's like!"

    • "The instructors spoke our kind of language."

    • "It was good to have knowledgeable people teaching the course that could answer all the questions so thoroughly."


    There is more to thermal imaging than changing the batteries