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Teaching the Fire Service Thermal Imaging Since 1996

SAFE-IR, Inc. offers firefighters an opportunity to learn how to use their thermal imager effectively and safely.SAFE-IR




Learn from a cadre of instructors who will offer you years of practical firefighting and thermal imaging experience. Our instructors are not salesmen or factory reps, but firefighters from urban fire departments nationwide.







 Basic 2-Day Course Overview

Classroom training on the thermal imager is provided at your locationClassroom training on the thermal imager is provided at your location







First Session - In the Classroom

 Pre-requisite for:

  • Brief History of the Thermal Imager
  • Theory of Thermal Imaging
  • Safety
  • Tactical Considerations
  • Navigation Techniques
  • Care and Maintenance

Second Session - Live Fire Applications

Selected firefighters are given the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained during the first session with emphasis on:

  • Proper interpretation of the image presented by your specific thermal imager, and its relationship to firefighting
  • Limitations of the thermal imager and how to overcome them
  • Navigation
  • Search and rescue using the thermal imager
  • Tactics

Day 2 provides the hands-on experience

Instructors gear training to adapt to the level of experience and training that the firefighter possesses. This allows the firefighters to feel comfortable and better understand the thermal imager and its unlimited applications while building confidence.

SAFE-IR, Inc. has trained thousands of firefighters in hundreds of fire departments, both paid and volunteer, in the United States, Canada and Europe.

SAFE-IR, Inc. is affiliated with several thermal imager manufacturers. So, if your fire department is purchasing a thermal imager, ask about live fire training!

If your department already owns a thermal imager and you want to know more about thermal imager training, call SAFE-IR, Inc., toll free, at 1-877-4SAFEIR (1-877-472-3347).

There is more to thermal imaging than changing the batteries