SAFE-IR Courses

During the classroom session, all members of the fire department are invited to learn about the theory of thermal imaging technology, applications of the technology and tactical considerations.

Classroom discussion is encouraged, as a thorough understanding makes for a safer application of the tool. Hands-on techniques are demonstrated through student participation. As a GM Level III Infrared Thermographer (and volunteer firefighter) I felt the program was excellent and very well geared towards the firefighter.Also on this initial day of training, instructors introduce firefighters to the functions of their thermal imager. SAFE-IR offers the fire department on this first day of training unlimited department participation. We encourage as many firefighters to attend this session as possible. 

Firefighters finish this training session with the basic knowledge and confidence required to use this high-tech tool effectively and safely in the field. Training sessions are geared to the level of the firefighters that are being trained, enabling them to better understand and feel comfortable with their thermal imager. The possibilities for applications of the tool are numerous once the firefighter has received this thorough training.



Live fire training with your specific cameras complements the classroom lessons.